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Wall of Distinction

Fairport’s Education Wall of Distinction


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Fairport’s Education Wall of Distinction recognizes individuals in our school community who have had positive, lasting effects on the educational process of a student or group of students.


The Fairport Education Wall of Distinction was created in 2004 to honor individuals, past and present, who have had a positive, lasting impact on the education process for one or more Fairport students.

The Education Wall of Distinction Selection Committee is comprised of community members and school district personnel and relies on donations to continue this endeavor.

The Committee invites individuals, educational organizations, and local businesses to be part of the project by offering financial support. Donations are used to purchase plaques, hold the annual induction ceremony for new inductees, process mailings, and cover miscellaneous costs.

Checks may be made payable to Fairport Education Wall of Distinction and sent to:

Education Wall of Distinction
c/o District Clerk
Fairport Central School District Office
38 West Church Street
Fairport, New York 14450

The Committee thanks you for supporting the Fairport Education Wall of Distinction. If you have any questions, please call (585) 421-2010.

2023 Inductees

The Fairport Central School District will honor its new members in a "Celebration of Fairport Family" ceremony on October 5, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. in the Fairport High School cafeteria. Fairport community members are invited to attend.

The 2023 inductees, who were selected based on their lasting positive impact on the educational process for Fairport students, are as follows:

Joyce Kostyk

“Mrs. Kostyk lives a life of integrity. She gives her word and she invests her time into serving our community. She enacts the spirit of Brotherhood-Sisterhood in her actions on the Board,” says a former fellow Board of Education member about Joyce Kostyk. Over the past 21 years, Joyce has advocated tirelessly for the students of the Fairport Central School District in her position as a Board member, and before that, as a parent, volunteer and PTA/PTSA member and officer. Her commitment to fiscally responsible budgets, developmentally appropriate curriculum and frequent school visits have made her a well-known figure in the halls of every Fairport school. Former fellow Board members say her legacy is secured by the essential question she used to get to the heart of every matter: “What is best for children?”

“All who are involved in the lives of children, are educators. This may be as parents, neighbors, school staff, or in other roles. We owe students our best and we can all contribute in some way.” - Joyce Kostyk


Lisabeth Puckett

When you walk into the library at Johanna Perrin Middle School, it’s easy to understand why it has been named a Rochester Regional Library Council Library of the Year, and why Library Media Specialist Lisabeth Puckett is so admired and respected by her peers. She has made it her mission to create a safe, inclusive and exciting environment for each student that enters the library. Lisabeth is dedicated to making sure students see themselves reflected in library collections across the District, and has served on the FCSD Board of Education. As a colleague noted, “[Beth’s] passion for the individuality of all students makes Johanna Perrin and Fairport a warm, welcoming and ‘magical’ place to grow.”

“Open your arms, heart, and mind. It really is true that you get what you give.” - Lisabeth Puckett

Douglas Willard

Colleagues of Dudley Physical Education teacher Doug Willard say he is the first person to jump into action to help his fellow Dragons and Fairport students with any challenges they may face. His career in Fairport has spanned over two decades, and his co-workers say his connections with students have created a positive, fun and engaging environment for Fairport’s youngest learners for many years.

“Dudley would not be Dudley without Doug Willard…he is always kind and even in the toughest situations, he finds humor,” said a fellow Dudley staff member.

  • The Fairport Central School District will honor its new members in the Education Wall of Distinction Induction Ceremony, Nov. 16, 2022 at 7 p.m. at Fairport High School room 512. Fairport community members are invited to attend.

    The 2022 inductees, who were selected based on their lasting positive impact on the educational process for Fairport students, are as follows:

    John Baynes E

    “For me and for hundreds of others through the years, John was the best teacher I ever had.” That’s what a former colleague had to say about John Baynes, a former FCSD English teacher with 39 years of experience at Fairport High School. Baynes embodies the spirit and values of Fairport’s Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week, and his former colleagues say he believes in the value of every child. “[John] wholeheartedly embraces teaching as a way of life,” said a co-worker. 

    “My daily mission as an English teacher: empower students by encouraging their distinctive voices and developing their skills,” said Baynes.

    Cindy Fortner E

    Cindy Fortner believes in her students. She believes in their potential and believes in their futures. It’s that spirit of belief that has made her a beloved elementary school teacher in the Fairport District for over two decades. Her colleagues - many of whom she taught in elementary school themselves - say Fortner leaves a lasting impression on everyone she works with. “She supports all of her students equally and takes the time to understand each unique personality, while making sure parents and students alike are comfortable,” said a fellow Brooks Hill staff member. 

    “Teaching is a magical career, and to have been able to teach in Fairport with outstanding colleagues as well as stellar students and families makes me one lucky educator,” said Fortner.

    Dave Lanning E

    For over five decades and with thousands of students, Dave Lanning has provided our district with incredible integrity, exemplary teaching and extraordinary coaching. His tenure in Fairport began as a seventh-grade history teacher and a baseball and football coach. He moved to FHS to teach high school history and became the Head Varsity Football Coach, leading the Fairport team to a State Championship in 1997. Lanning has been a part of Fairport’s athletics program ever since, and has always remained a positive role model for the Fairport youth in his care. 

    For Lanning, “[I]t has always been about the students and student-athletes."

    Laura Mangerian

    Laura Mangerian always has a positive attitude as she helps students and staff stay safe and healthy in her role as School Nurse at Dudley. Her colleagues say that every adult or child that enters the nurse’s office is treated in a calm, kind manner, and that Mangerian’s smile touches every member of the Dudley team. “With all the medications for the more than 600 students at our school, plus the sick and healthy children that move in and out of the nurse’s office daily, plus the calls from concerned parents, Laura is always ultra responsible with all the working parts of her busy office,” said a co-worker at Dudley. 

    “I feel humbled to be chosen for doing what I love,” said Mangerian.

  • The Fairport Central School District honored its new members from 2020 and 2021 during the Education Wall of Distinction Induction Ceremony on November 3, 2021 at Fairport High School.

    2020 Inductees             

    • Patrice Cantwell
    • Debra Doherty
    • Rich Greene
    • Kate Kar
    • John Kidd
    • Amy Samuel

    2021 Inductees

    • Mike Callahan
    • Midge Marshall
    • Joan Rogers
    • Bill Tiberio
    • Jim Zumbo


    Mike CallahanMike Callahan is a professional square dance caller who has been part of the Fairport Physical Education curriculum for over 35 years. He just retired and is very well known for his annual Hoedown Showdown competitions, every year at Fairport High School. Mike incorporates teamwork, cooperation, acceptance of all, and working toward success through square dance. A Fairport staff member says of Mike: “Although some FHS students are hesitant about dancing in the beginning, most end up loving the square dancing unit and the final competition at FHS.” Former students and graduating seniors have hired Mike to call square dancing at their graduation parties. Says an FHS staff member of Mike: “Students love him and his impact on student fitness is immeasurable.” Mike’s positive energy and professionalism has always been a highlight for staff and students.
    Marjory Midge MarshallMarjory “Midge” Marshall was the head of the Fairport High School theatre department and taught English, Theatre, and Advanced Theatre before her retirement. In her nomination, a former student said, “[S]he demanded excellence and hard work from her students, and she rewarded them with respect, honesty, and opportunity.” Midge connected her students with industry professionals, arranged job shadowing sessions, and encouraged collaborations with students at other schools. She was well-respected by her department and is still adored by her legions of theatre disciples. A former student says that Midge saw the potential in all of her students and refused to accept anything less than their best efforts, and that she inspired and expected greatness.
    Joan RogersJoan Rogers is a paraprofessional in the ADEPT Program at FHS. She has worked in the district for 16 years. Joan has been a consistent staple of the ADEPT program in recent history and has adapted seamlessly as the program has progressed. One of Joan’s coworkers says: “She is able to step into any classroom and provide support to our students with disabilities…She has the ability to work with any student.” Joan’s colleagues say she is one of the hardest working, most selfless staff members they’ve worked with at Fairport High School. Joan embraces the concept of supporting the whole child. She understands that students need a welcoming and consistent environment in order to learn. Says a coworker: “[Joan] builds strong relationships with students and has touched the lives of many.”
    Bill Tiberio 2


    Bill Tiberio has taught instrumental music in Fairport for more than 30 years. A Fairport graduate himself, Bill has been extremely influential in the lives of hundreds of students over his extensive career. He has fostered the love of music with his students over that time. A fellow Fairport educator says, “Bill has been a fantastic example to all of his students and colleagues as a caring and empathetic teacher and person.” Bill’s love of music education is so well-known and respected that even colleagues who teach in other districts are admirers of his work. His colleagues say everything he does is done with compassion and the highest standard of excellence. Bill is also an adjunct professor at The University of Rochester, Ithaca College and SUNY Geneseo.


    Jim ZumboJim Zumbo was the District’s Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics from 1996 to 2016. Jim still supports Fairport students, athletes, coaches and faculty in retirement. He attends as many Fairport events as possible. He helps as a support staff at many of our Home games Jim is always willing to help when anyone asks for his help. A former colleague says that so strong was Jim’s dedication to the Athletic program that the Red Raider Award was named in his honor in 2016. The Red Raider award is given to the athlete that, in the opinion of the coach, has best demonstrated the spirit, skill, desire, leadership, courage and sportsmanship for that team in their particular sport. According to a former coworker, “Jim always has a positive word to say to everyone, and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.”

    Patrice Cantwell

    Debra Doherty

    Patrice Cantwell retired in the summer of 2021 after 24 years with the Fairport Central School District. She finished her tenure at Fairport as the Principal’s Secretary at Minerva DeLand. Her former colleagues called Patrice a beacon of positivity and realness within Minerva DeLand’s main office. A former colleague said, “Patrice worked tirelessly to triage kids who were in crisis, advocate for her coworkers and was truly the lifeblood of a unique and busy building.” The team at Minerva DeLand say Patrice loves to celebrate people's accomplishments (big or small) and to help out in any way possible. Her former colleagues say Patrice has an innate way of making the most difficult days seem carefree. Says a former coworker: “Patrice keeps everyone on schedule and on track, and does so with the best sense of humor.”


    Debra (Debbie) Doherty retired in 2021 after 20+ years with the Fairport Central School District. She retired as Assistant Principal Secretary of the Red House Office at Fairport High School. Her colleagues describe her as dedicated to staff and students; a person who takes care of everyone around her in so many ways. Students remember Debbie long after they graduate. A former coworker says of Debbie: “[S]he embodies the school and district culture and genuinely cares for everyone she works with.” Debbie has great empathy and worked to foster connection with students who faced tremendous challenges. Her former coworkers say they will remember her in Fairport as is a quiet influence who leads by example.

    Rich GreeneRich Greene retired in June 2020 after 18 years as the principal of Jefferson Avenue School. He brought students, staff, and family together through music, humor, and love. During the initial COVID-19 school closure, Rich created morning announcements each day. Each day he offered songs, jokes, positive quotes, student recognition, and videos or pictures of students - just one example of how his former colleagues say he is able to think outside of the box and turn any situation into something positive for children and their families. A former Jefferson Avenue coworker says, “Rich puts children first at all times. He encourages teachers to follow their hearts and to do what they know is best for children.” Rich cares for others and shows this constantly through listening and offering his support in all circumstances. His coworkers say Rich was an amazing leader at Jefferson Avenue and has been greatly missed by the staff, students, and families.
    Kate Kar


    Kate Kar was a Fairport High School English Teacher and Alternative Education Coordinator and worked in the District for 15 years before her retirement in 2020. Kate’s commitment to her general education students was evident daily, as she often challenged students with project-based learning that expanded their English skills and 21st Century technology skills. Her colleagues said Kate made strong connections with her students. Kate had dedicated the past few years to ensuring all of the alternative education students had access to things that many of the other students may have taken for granted. She treated all of her students, and particularly those who needed it most, as if they were her own children. A fellow Fairport High School colleague said, “Kate possesses selflessness, empathy, creativity, and a strong sense of community, all values that we celebrate in our Fairport community.”


    John Kidd

    John Kidd joined the Fairport CSD in 1995 as a school bus driver, and worked his way up to the position of driver trainer/safety coordinator and most recently head bus driver. John is very effective working with students, parents, school staff members, and administrators. He is active within the Rochester Area Transportation Supervisors Association locally and across the state with the New York Association for Pupil Transportation. Safety as a key foundational principle in conducting his professional duties. He accurately maintains Fairport’s safety files for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) and New York State Department of Education (NYSED). A colleague says of John: “[T]he last safety audit conducted by NYSDMV was excellent due to John's oversight.” His coworkers say his genuine care for student safety comes through the phone and he has been extremely effective in communicating with parents who have questions about transportation for their children.


    Amy SamuelAmy Samuel is a School Sentry at Fairport High School. In her position, Amy interacts with virtually all students at FHS. A colleague says of Amy, “[S]he takes the time to get to know kids well...she treats them with the utmost respect and strives to build a positive, authentic connection with our students.” Amy is a graduate of Fairport High School and lives in the District. Her coworkers say she embraces students for who they are and works to help students feel connected to their school and community. She will often share observations she has made about students with administrators and counselors so they can receive the support they need. Her colleagues say she is a supportive community builder who interacts with everyone with humor and attentive listening.


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