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Community Circle

This year Fairport Central School District has been using the practice of Restorative Practices, which helps develop community and to manage conflict and tensions by building relationships and repairing harm. 

At its initial stage, the District’s main focus has been on “building community” and creating opportunities for students, staff, parents, and community members to “tell their stories.” The power of stories, and learning about the experiences of other people, binds us together and helps us navigate differences. 

The world has changed rapidly and abruptly. Right now we cannot physically sit together in a circle and share our stories. Our community circle is “virtual” and we are working diligently to connect each student and family to our online community. It is also a time when the nation, and our very own Fairport community, needs love, healing, and nurturing.

“Community Circle” will be an on-going resource for articles, videos, webinars, and more aimed at building connections and understanding between people. Our personal identities and life experiences change the ways this current crisis impacts us. It is our hope to remain connected and to learn from each other.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for Community Circle, please reach out to Kelly Weishaar via email at: