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Envelope GraphicCommunity and school organizations offer wonderful and enriching activities and events throughout the year.

FCSD does not send paper flyers/promotional material home with students. Approved flyers are posted only on this page.

Please note that the District does not sponsor nor endorse these activities/events. The information is provided as a courtesy service to the community.

General guidelines for e-flyer distribution

  • E-flyer notifications are sent out through the District’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
    • Flyers are displayed on this page for a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • The application must be completed online and submitted with the e-flyer (as a PDF file).
  • Each e-flyer must be approved before it can be posted on the website.
  • E-flyers that are in conflict with district-sponsored programs will not be approved.
  • E-flyers that contain advertising or are submitted by any group that is not sanctioned as a school/town support organization cannot be posted.
  • The District will not be held liable for incorrect information within an e-flyer.
  • Each flyer must include the following on it. This may be placed anywhere on the flyer and may be a smaller font size:
    • Name of the person and/or organization making the request
    • Contact information (phone number and/or email address)
    • Disclaimer statement: This event, activity, or program is not sponsored by the Fairport Central School District. Approval does not imply endorsement, but is a courtesy service to the community.
      • NOTE: Disclaimer does not apply to school/district sponsored activities and programs.

Application procedure for e-flyers

  1. Submit the completed e-flyer application online and upload a copy of the flyer in PDF format.
  2. The application and e-flyer must be submitted at least one week prior to requested posting date.
  3. E-flyers must be timely and will not be posted earlier than two (2) weeks prior to the event or three (3) weeks if the event has a sign-up deadline.
  4. If the request is declined or district personnel has questions about the application, only then will the district notify the person making the request by email. Otherwise, the e-flyer is approved and the person making the request will not be notified.
  5. All e-flyer application requests must be submitted online: use this link for the e-flyer application.

Current Flyers

If no flyer list is displayed above, please click here to view the files via Google Drive. A Google account is not required for file access.

Board Policy of e-flyers

Requests for distribution are reviewed in accordance with Board of Education Policy 3272 and the following procedures:

  1. No materials will be distributed as hard copy to students at any level.
  2. A copy of the material is to be submitted online through the application process to the Communications Specialist for review and approval or disapproval.
  3. Approved informational material from organizations that provide educational programs or activities for schools will be posted on the district website.

Click here to submit questions about e-flyers