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Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

PBIS is a nationwide, research based initiative that focuses on preventive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate behavior within the school setting.

Schools who implement PBIS with fidelity see fewer behavior issues, increased instructional time, and better attendance rates.

PBIS looks to the community and families for active involvement.

PBIS is grounded in the following practices for helping students reach their potential:

  1. School-wide behavior curriculum that emphasizes targeted social skills instruction
  2. Positive school and classroom cultures where teaching and learning are emphasized
  3. Challenging and engaging instructional practices that effectively maximize academic success for all
  4. Continuous, positive, and active supervision and monitoring of student behavior and learning
  5. Regular, frequent, and positive acknowledgments for student displays of academic and social behavioral success
  6. Active involvement of all students, family, faculty, and community members when possible
  7. Multi-year and multicomponent approaches to implementation
  8. Adults who model the same positive social behaviors expected of students

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