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LAN Regulations


All LAN Users agree to follow the rules and responsibilities as outlined below.

Students and staff are provided an account on our Electronic Information Network. The use of the LAN is a privilege, not a right.  Therefore, the District can, at its own discretion, withhold, rescind, or terminate such use at any time, for any reason. Our goal in providing access to this network is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication. All LAN computer systems and software, including all communications and information transmitted by, received from, or started in these systems are the exclusive property of FCSD. Electronic storage areas (e.g. browser logs and other memory banks) are District property, and are subject to District control and inspection. The District will periodically monitor those logs and memory banks.  Data stored on the LAN is not guaranteed to be private.  Messages or other data relating to or in support of illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.

LAN Users Are Responsible For:

  • utilizing technology in the schools for facilitating learning and enhancing information exchange consistent with the educational purposes of the schools.
  • adhering to the rules established for the use of hardware, software, labs and networks in the schools.
  • maintaining the privacy of passwords and refraining from discussing or publishing passwords.
  • respecting the privacy of the data of another LAN user.
  • adhering to copyright guidelines in the use of hardware and software and in the transmission or copying of electronic media from other sources.
  • reviewing and, when appropriate, deleting, old, unwanted files.
  • promptly disclosing to a teacher, counselor, or administrator, any message or information they received that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.

LAN Users Are Prohibited From:

  • accessing or transmitting material that is profane or obscene, adult oriented, that advocates illegal acts, that advocates violence or discrimination towards other people.
  • sending or saving any materials in violation of any United States or state law or regulation including, but not limited to, material that is copyrighted or material that constitutes a trade secret.
  • attempting to disrupt the computer system, destroy data by spreading viruses or alter system software.
  • disrupting or degrading the performance of the network or other networks beyond the LAN, or destroying, modifying or abusing hardware or software in any way.
  • using the LAN for commercial, personal, or for-profit purposes.
  • obtaining copies of or modifying files, other data or passwords belonging to other users, or misrepresenting other users on the LAN or Internet.
  • modifying District web pages, or linking to District web pages housed on the LAN without authorization (refer to FCSD Web Authorizing Guidelines).
  • illegally installing copyrighted software for use on District computers or the LAN.
  • scanning images or making audio or video recordings without prior permission from the District.
  • loading unapproved software on computers.
  • attaching personal devices to the LAN without the expressed permission of a network administrator.
  • posting private information about another person.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

Users of any information obtained via the Electronic Information Network is at the user’s own risk.  Fairport Central Schools exercises no control over the content of the information residing on it or passing through it.

Some systems, not associated with Fairport schools, may contain inappropriate or objectionable material for a minor, such as defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material.  Parents of minors having access to the Internet should be aware of the existence of such material and the ability of the student to access this material through the Internet, either at school or at home.  As a result, the District disclaims any responsibility for inappropriate or objectionable materials that a student may obtain through the use of the Internet. Fairport Central School District purchases its Internet service through a provider that filters inappropriate images.  Filtering software is not 100% safe. The District may, under certain circumstances, disable the blocking or filtering technology for adults and students engaged in bona fide research or other lawful purposes.  This disabling may only be exercised by the Director of Technology or his/ her designee and will remain disabled only for the period of time during which the research is being conducted.

Users of the Electronic Information Network should not expect that information on the LAN will remain private.  All data files and electronic storage areas shall remain District property and, as such, are subject to District control and inspection.


Users who do not comply with the regulations stated in this document will lose computer / LAN privileges.  Infractions may result in appropriate disciplinary action in addition to suspension or termination of access privileges.


To ensure that all students understand their responsibilities when using the Internet, the following regulations have been established:


  • Student use of the Internet is only authorized to support classroom assignments, to supplement classroom learning and other educational purposes approved by staff members.
  • Various services on the Internet such as chat rooms, bulletin boards, newsgroups, games must be used in accordance with the district curriculum.


  • Students in grades K-5 will not be provided with independent Internet access.  Work on the Internet at the elementary level will take place only in a structured educational setting under the supervision of a staff member.
  • Students in grades 6-12 will be allowed independent Internet access with parental consent.
  • These students must show proof of parental permission before they may use the Internet independently.

Access to Inappropriate Material

  • Students will not use the Internet to access or transmit material that is profane or obscene, adult oriented, advocates illegal acts, violence or discrimination towards other people.
  • Students who mistakenly access inappropriate information must immediately leave the site.
  • The District reserves the right to determine what material it considers to be inappropriate.

Safety and Security

  • Students will not post personal contact information about themselves or provide their password to another person.  Personal contact information may include, but may not be limited to: address, telephone number, school address or passwords.
  • Students must promptly disclose to a teacher, counselor, or administrator any message or information they received that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Students will not post private information about another person.


Agreement for Students

As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the LAN Access Policy and Regulations for Fairport Central Schools. I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes. The FAIRPORT CENTRAL SCHOOLS makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the LAN service it provides.  Use of any information obtained via the LAN or Internet is at users’ own risk.  Users must be aware that there are many services available on the Internet that might be offensive to certain groups or individuals.  FAIRPORT CENTRAL SCHOOLS cannot eliminate access to all such services, nor could they begin to identify them.  Individual users are responsible for their own actions in using the LAN or the Internet. As a result, I will not hold the District, its employees or agents responsible for materials and or information a student may obtain over the LAN or the Internet.  Further, I release the District, its employees and agents from any and all claims or damages of any nature arising from the student’s use of, or inability to use, the LAN.

I hereby give permission for my child to access the Internet and LAN at school and certify that:

  • I have discussed the District Local Area Network and Internet Access Regulation #34505 for Fairport Central Schools with my child.
  • My child understands that he/she is responsible for the appropriate use of this privilege and is aware of the consequences of inappropriate use, including termination of access privileges and other disciplinary action.
  • The information contained on this form is correct and signing this form constitutes my permission for continuing Internet access unless specifically revoked in writing by me, as parent or guardian.

Agreement Process

  • Parents can submit this agreement through SchoolTool. Please visit the Parent Portal FAQ page for more information on the acceptance process.