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What is a School Counselor

A School Counselor:

  •  Meets with students in a 1:1 setting to assist with social/peer issues,  family concerns, and academic struggles  and successes;
  • Facilitates conflict resolution for problems with family, friends, and teachers;
  • Helps students resolve concerns, address feelings and assist with brainstorming strategies to cope constructively with problems or developmental issues;
  • Communicates, consults, and collaborates with teachers, parents, administrators, school learning specialists, school psychologists, and school social workers;
  • Coordinates classroom presentations and parent/teacher conferences;
  • Builds student schedules;
  • Helps students identify their academic, social, and career goals/plans;
  • Provides direct support services to students through individual counseling, small group sessions, and classroom presentations;
  • Assists with crisis intervention for students and families;
  • Attends weekly teacher team meetings to discuss students’ academic progress;
  • Assists parents in understanding needed academic services and resources;
  • Offers an open door policy.  All students are welcome to drop in to guidance at any time and parents are welcome to call with concerns at any time.

Your child will remain with the same counselor throughout their three year middle school experience. Please view the counselor as the first contact for any problems or questions.