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Technology Vision

The Fairport Central School District strives to prepare students to be contributors in a globally 21st Century connected world. We believe that our Teachers are learners and the catalyst for instructional excellence and will use the tools of Technology to support connected teaching and learning. Instructional Technology will enhance all learning opportunities.

As a learning community, FCSD will utilize the most educationally appropriate technologies.  Above all, FCSD will promote the responsible use of technology to maximize academic performance and personal development of all members of the learning community.

Habits of Mind Statement:

  • Problem-based and project-based learning provide a rich opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge, expand their skills, and enhance their appreciation of thinking, processes and strategies.

Creation Statement:

  • The primary goal of the technology environment is to support the educational and instructional endeavors of students and employees of the Fairport Central School District. Technology will be used as a tool for learning that will expand experiences and opportunities to creatively transfer and apply new learning.

Citizenship/Ethics Statement:

  • Fairport Central School District staff and students in partnership with parents will utilize appropriate, acceptable behavior with regard to the use of technology; one’s rights, responsibilities, and etiquette will foster and promote one another’s literacy, wellness, and security.

Collaboration Statement:

  • Collaborate to produce original work, solve problems, and support and contribute to the learning of others.

Media Awareness Statement:

  • Students and Staff shall appropriately acquire and effectively and efficiently interpret and analyze information from a variety of sources.

Professional Development Statement:

  • Professional development opportunities will be made available to all staff to better understand new innovative tools and resources and how they may be applicable to instruction for enhanced learning in all classrooms.