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About the Board

Fairport Board of Education

2023-2024 Board of Education

Erica Belois-PacerPresident: Erica Belois-Pacer

Address: Silver Birch Circle
Term Expires: June 2026

MCSBA Legislative Committee, Wellness Committee,
Policy Committee, Wall of Distinction Committee

Dr. Mary Caitlin WightVice President: Dr. Mary Caitlin Wight

Address: Furman Heights
Term Expires: June 2024

Policy Committee, School Improvement Team, Sustainability Committee

Lisa ChristensenLisa Christensen

Address: Kirkby Trail
Term Expires: June 2026

MCSBA Information Exchange Committee, Policy Committee,
Audit & Finance Committee, Facilities Committee

Janice FortunaJanice Fortuna

Address: Brunson Way
Term Expires: June 2025

MCSBA Labor Committee, District-Wide Safety Committee,
Wall of Distinction Committee, Audit & Finance Committee,
Facilities Committee

Nicole ThibaultNicole Thibault

Address: Waterford Way
Term Expires: June 2026

MCSBA Information Exchange Committee,
Wellness Committee, School Improvement Team

Dr. Brian MoritzDr. Brian Moritz

Address: Aconbury Drive
Term Expires: June 2025

MCSBA Legislative Committee, Policy Committee,
Technology Committee, Sustainability Committee

Peter D. ForsgrenPeter D. Forsgren

Address: Bent Oak Trail
Term Expires: June 2024

MCSBA Labor Relations Committee,
Audit & Finance Committee, Facilities Committee

District Clerk

Sarah Driscoll
Phone: (585) 421-2004

Freedom of Information Access Officer

The Fairport Board of Education is composed of seven members elected by residents of the District. Members are elected for a term of three years and serve without pay.

Contact us by mail, phone or email:

  • Residents who wish to communicate their views to the Board may write to the Board President, 38 West Church Street, Fairport, NY 14450.
  • You may also contact individual Board members via email (see above)

Goals, Vision and Mission

2024-2025 District Goal


The Fairport Central School district will support, challenge and prepare students to be Future-Ready as defined by our Strategic Plan. 


District Vision


To cultivate creative, healthy, compassionate, engaged and critical thinkers who participate in and contribute to a diverse society.

District Mission


We will educate each child, every child and the whole child by:

Investing in safe, inviting facilities and learning environments 

Prioritizing access and equity for all students

Empowering each student to grow academically, make connections, solve problems, and generate new knowledge

Guiding students’ development as compassionate, ethical, contributing members of diverse local and global communities

Partnering with parents, families and the community in the education of our students

Recruiting, retaining, and developing a diverse and knowledgeable staff

About the Board

The Board of Education is committed to planning and supporting the best possible program of education for the Fairport Central School District.  As the official policy-making body of the school district, the Board of Education directs the education of students and guides the operation of the District.  The Board establishes policies and has final control over local school matters except where limited by law.

Among its duties, the Board is responsible for:

  • Adopting an annual budget and approving all expenditures
  • Approving all hiring
  • Approving curriculum, courses, and textbooks
  • Making decisions regarding the maintenance and operation of school facilities, school renovation or construction

The Board also appoints the Superintendent of Schools as its chief executive officer who is responsible for the effective operation of the entire school program. The Superintendent is responsible for establishing curricular programs, promoting student achievement, and developing plans and programs. The Superintendent collaborates with the Board of Education to establish policies for Board action and the success of all students.

As a resident of the Fairport Central School District, you are cordially invited to attend Board of Education meetings. We invite our community members to comment on matters regarding FCSD. At each meeting, time for public comment is included. This is a time for the Board to listen and, when appropriate, a response will be provided by an administrator. Speakers are asked to state their names and addresses and as a courtesy to others, limit their comments to three minutes as per Board policy. Critical comments naming specific personnel are to be addressed privately to protect the rights of the individuals. An informed and active school community are essential components of our quality schools.

The decisions of your elected Board of Education affect your child and the future of all children in the community. We encourage you to participate in your school district by

  • Keeping informed and interested in your schools
  • Expressing your views
  • Corresponding with the Board
  • Electing the best qualified Board members
  • Volunteering in schools and on educational committees

We encourage you to utilize this website for information on the district and the Board of Education.  Thank you for supporting the Fairport CSD.

The Board of Education