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Substance Abuse Prevention 

The health and safety of our students is our first priority. Substance abuse prevention education starts in elementary school and is woven into our curriculum through twelfth grade.

Adolescent substance abuse has been an issue for generations, but the issues that teens face today are much more serious. Today our students have access to a wide variety of potent drugs. The FCSD can support parents who want to learn more about keeping their children safe.

FCSD takes the Code of Conduct very seriously. When students violate the terms of the code of conduct they receive disciplinary action; but more importantly, they receive support and care. We know that students sometimes make poor decisions and it is our job as adults to make sure they learn and grow from these experiences.

We know that most Fairport students do NOT use drugs. We have our 2019 Youth at Risk data that shows us that prevention education is powerful. We also know that some of our students to use alcohol and other drugs like marijuana and nicotine. Monroe county is facing and opioid epidemic and this is not just an urban problem. One of our biggest concerns is the rise in prescription drug abuse among our adolescents.

If you have questions or concerns about substance abuse please do not hesitate to ask for help.

Liz Russell, LMSW
Fairport Central School District
Substance Abuse Prevention Social Worker