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Diversity Council

The Diversity Council is a collaboration between the Fairport Central School District and parents/community members. It will act as an advisory group to the Superintendent on topics related to equity, access, and diversity. The Council will address topics such as:

  • District policies and procedures
  • Systemic movement towards culturally responsive practices in areas such as curriculum, discipline, school climate, service delivery, etc.
  • Professional development
  • Recruitment and retention of a diverse staff
  • Review of district data related to student performance and outcomes
  • Additional areas as identified by the Council

The goal of the Council will be to enhance our educational practices so that Fairport schools are welcoming, affirming, and value all students’ cultural backgrounds and individual identities. This will allow each student to meet high expectations and maximize learning/social opportunities

Diversity Council 2021-22 Update (November 2021)

During the fall of 2019, Fairport Central School District went through an extensive process to establish a Diversity Council. The purpose of the Council is to act as an advisory group to the Superintendent on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Council members were asked to give two-years of volunteer service. Unfortunately, much of our work during the first year was interrupted by COVID-19 and the school closure.

The Council reconvened in fall of 2020 and has been going strong! The larger Council was broken down into four smaller work groups. In addition, efforts were made during the year to include students in the work groups. Each group has been generating recommendations to be shared with the Superintendent.

  • Culturally Responsive Curriculum & Instruction
  • Human Resources – Diversity in Recruiting & Hiring
  • Data & Policy
  • Family & Community Partnerships

We want to take this opportunity to thank current and past members of the Diversity Council. Your voice, knowledge, time, and talents have helped further our work in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Fairport Central School District.

While some current members are choosing to continue serving on the Diversity Council in 2021-22, we are pleased to bring new Council members into the group starting in November 2021 (see below for membership).


Council Membership & Meetings

  • About 40 returning members (over 85% return rate)
  • 51 community members expressed interest via our advertised form
  • 8 community members/staff reached out on their own
  • All interested individuals are being invited to join, bringing the total membership to 99 individuals.

Four subgroups will be broken down into smaller groups with their own facilitators.

Three large group meetings per year, with the majority of the work being done in smaller groups scheduled by group facilitators.


  • Willing and available to meet monthly
  • Serve on sub-committees as needed
  • Commit to a minimum of 2 years membership on the Council
  • Leadership opportunities available if interested (co-chair, sub-committee chair)