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The goal of the Fairport Music Department is to help students establish a lasting relationship with music and become independent musicians who participate in the arts throughout life. Through the study of music, students enhance their education by developing musical skills and experiencing extra-musical benefits that come with participation in the arts. With an eye toward 21st century skills, our music curriculum helps students develop creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership, responsibility, and engage with the media and arts of a global culture. Emphasizing the standards from the National Association for Music Education, students utilize cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning domains by creating, listening to, analyzing and performing music at the highest level while grounded in music literacy. The Fairport Music Department strives to educate the whole child by providing all students, regardless of musical abilities, with enriching and educational musical experiences.

Patricia McGrath

Patricia McGrath

Director of Music and Assistant Principal, Minerva DeLand School

10 Baumer Place
Fairport, NY 14450