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Fairport Voters Approve 2024-2025 School Budget

Posted Date: 04/26/2024

Fairport Voters Approve 2024-2025 School Budget

Residents in the Fairport Central School District approved the 2024-2025 school budget with 1768 votes, a 66% passing rate.


The results of the Annual School Budget Vote and Board Election are as follows:


2024-2025 School Budget:

YES — 1768

NO — 926

Board of Education (2 seats):

Dr. Mary Caitlin Wight — 2144

Richard Mueller — 2121

Proposition 1: Authorization to appropriate and expend from Capital Bus Purchase Reserve

YES — 2005

NO — 688

Proposition 2: Authorization to create and fund Capital Bus Purchase Reserve Fund

YES — 1891

NO — 796

Public Library Budget:

YES — 1982

NO — 709

Public Library Trustee (1 seat):

Josh Quilty-Koval — 463

Jennifer Fay — 1788

“The District’s annual budget vote shows the true investment that our community has in our Future-Ready Raiders and in our extraordinary programming and staff,” said Superintendent Brett Provenzano. “We will continue to meet our community’s expectations for strong academics, social-emotional support and fiscal responsibility.”